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Definition: Technical editing

Technical documents provide information that readers need to make
decisions or complete tasks. Technical editors ensure that this
information is presented in a way that facilitates the reader's
understanding. Technical editors offer suggestions for improvement in
design of both content and layout and therefore work with the document
in both early and late stages. Their duties often overlap those of
other types of editors and can include:

  • All information design tasks (as defined elsewhere in this guide).

  • All copyediting tasks (as defined elsewhere in this guide).

  • Suggesting formats to communicate the message (for both text and

  • Rewriting and restructuring the text to fit the format.

  • Moving entire paragraphs and sentences to improve flow.

  • Ensuring consistent structure by adding or deleting headings.

  • Identifying gaps in content, and supplying or describing the needed

  • Deleting content that is outdated or that does not achieve the
    desired focus or tone.

  • Reviewing all aspects of the editorial and production process and
    enforcing consistent standards throughout.

  • Ensuring communication among all members of the editorial team,
    including the designer and those who create the illustrations and

  • Incorporating the author's replies to queries (cleanup editing).

  • Checking the math in all text and tables (and crosschecking text to




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