Thomas Burchfield
Thomas Burchfield Editing & Writing Services
Oakland, CA 94610
Work: (510) 541-1991
Home: (510) 817-4432
Mobile: (510) 541-1991
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Editing & Writing Services
584 Vernon St., #1
Oakland, CA 94610
Keeping writers and readers on the same page
Ph#: (510) 817-4432
Cell: (510) 541-1991

I have ten years of experience proofreading, copyediting, developmental editing, and writing on nearly eighty books and many many other documents, including high-school health and science texts; investor proposals; true-crime history; memoirs; teachers manuals; college essays; product reviews; B2B advertising; online text written by non-native English writers (ESL, or "global English"); newsletters; blogs and other web content; magazines; fiction and nonfiction; general science articles; and general trade legal books; also publisher and author of award-winning fiction, including the writing of all jacket and marketing copy

I have excellent grammar and language skills and was trained in the Chicago Manual of Style. I also am experienced in copyediting "Global English" and ESL text, the APA Publication Manual, the AP Stylebook, the Bluebook.

I have a sharp eye for detail, patience and flexibility in a wide variety of situations, and the ability to meet deadlines.

My most recent clients and projects include:

Robert Knapp (Berkeley): Developmental editor, book coach, and copyeditor for Mystery Man:Gangsters, Oil, Murder, and Mystery in Michigan by Robert Knapp (in press)

Also: Magic, Miracles and Martyrs: People and Their Gods at the Dawn of Christianity

Mr. Knapp is a U.C. Berkeley emeritus and author of the New Yorker-reviewed Invisible Romans

Blue Earth Consultants (Oakland, CA): Copyeditor of report on the effectiveness of marine conservation funding initiatives

Kontagent/Talent Associates (San Francisco): Proofreader of B2B advertising for hi-tech communications firm

Ahead of the Class (Santa Rosa, CA): Copyediting of The 50 SAT/ACT Myths and Mistakes and A Parent’s Guide to the SAT/ACT by David Benjamin Gruenbaum, instruction manuals for college entrance exams

Jonathan Humphries (San Jose): Copyediting of Windham’s Rembrandt by James Humphries (Windham’s Rembrandt 2012), a memoir by an art teacher concerning his adventures as an instructor in the Texas State Prison school system.

Please my webpage at for more information, including client recommendations.




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