Julie Lindow
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Give me your text, and I will not only make it clear, concise, and correct—I will make it sing.
I am a professional writer and editor with more than ten years of experience, a master’s degree in English Literature, and a certificate in Professional Editing from the University of California, Berkeley Extension.

Do you want your website to engage customers? Your manuscript to charm a publisher? Your annual report to convince new investors? Do you need help crafting your company’s history or polishing your nonprofit’s policy report so that it is professional and engaging?

To meet your needs, I provide a full spectrum of editorial services including project management, writing, developmental editing, fact-checking, copyediting, and proofreading.

I have a strong familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style and Associated Press Stylebook.
I enjoy ensuring consistency, concision, and correctness while maintaining the author’s meaning and voice. With my skills and experience, I will ensure that your text meets style guidelines and professional standards, is free of errors, and engages readers.

My clients include the following:

University of California, San Francisco
Giant Orange Press and Design
San Francisco Recreation & Parks
EatDrinkFilms.com Magazine
Charta Art Books
Men’s Wearhouse

New projects always pique my interest. Please contact me at jujulindow@yahoo.com.




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